Saturday, 11 January 2003

Evangelical Scholars Remove Robert Gundry for His Views on Matthew (CT Classic)
Did Matthew embellish his work with nonhistorical additions?
Leslie R. Keylock
Christianity Today, 11 Jan 2003

This article originally ran in the February 3, 1984, issue of Christianity Today
"As one of the five founders of the Evangelical Theological Society, with a heavy heart I officially request that Dr. Robert Gundry submit his resignation, unless he retracts his position on the historical trustworthiness of Matthew's Gospel."
Thus Roger Nicole, professor of theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, brought to a decisive climax a controversy that has been brewing for several years in the 35-year-old society of evangelical scholars.
Standing at a microphone in the packed dining room on the ninth floor of the Spurgeon Harris Building on the campus of the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies in Dallas, Nicole was asking for the resignation of the bald, bespectacled, erudite professor of New Testament and Greek at Santa Barbara's Westmont College.
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