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Singapore churches on alert after pastor's death from SARS - CT (01 Apr 2003)

AOG News, Washington Post (Jul/Aug 2003)

After going to the hospital to pray for someone with the condition, a 39-year-old Pentecostal minister died in April from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which has caused near-panic in parts of Asia.

Simon Loh became a victim in Singapore, where he pastored Faith Assembly of God Church. Loh contracted SARS after going to pray for the hospitalized daughter of a man who also died from the disease.

Churches in Singapore considered canceling Sunday school classes and youth meetings to try to prevent SARS from spreading. The denomination's Asia-Pacific regional director appealed for prayer for pastors as they ministered to those affected.

The SARS virus, which is new to science and has no known cure, has infected nearly 6,000 people in 25 countries.
by Ted Olsen, Christianity Today (01 Apr 2003)

Simon Loh, a 39-year-old pastor at Singapore's Faith Assembly of God, went to the hospital to visit one of his parishioners, who had been hospitalized with a form of pneumonia. But the woman, Esther Mok, was the city's index patient in its outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the "mystery illness" that is spreading through Asia and elsewhere. So far, all 91 cases have been traced to the woman. Loh was the second in the city to die from the disease.

"There was a deep sense of sorrow" at yesterday's services at Faith Assembly, reports Channel NewsAsia. "The sight of another pastor standing in for [Loh] was a painful reminder to worshippers."

Elsewhere in the city, Sunday school was canceled, church attendance was down to a trickle, ill people were asked not to attend, and parishioners were asked not to touch each other.

SARS claims life of A/G pastor - Dan Van Veen, AOG News Online (04 Apr 2003)http://ag.org/top/news/news_article_template.cfm?ArticleID=7003&NamedFormatID=2001Article&SearchDepartment=01-140&SearchStartDate=1/1/1900&SearchMaxRows=10&SearchMaxRecordCount=1743

A tribute to Ps Simon Loh - Laura Yow, Churchinperth.com (24 Apr 2003)

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