Thursday, 25 August 2005

Hurricane Katrina

On 2005-AUG-25, Katrina, as a Category 1 hurricane, struck south Florida. Its classification was raised to Category 4 as it passed over the Gulf of Mexico. It hit New Orleans on August 29. Since most of the land in New Orleans is below sea level, the city is protected by a levee. Unfortunately, it was designed to be capable of only withstanding only about a Category 3 hurricane. The levee was breeched in three places, leaving nearly 80% of the city under water. Other Gulf Coast cities, including Gulfport, MS; Biloxi, MS; and Mobile, AL were severely damaged. Katrina was reclassified as a tropical storm as it passed over central Mississippi. By the time it reached Lake Ontario, it had become only a heavy rain, dumping about two inches of precipitation.

As of SEP-04, the total death toll is unknown; it will probably exceed 1,000. Hundreds of thousands have been dislocated; a quarter million into Texas alone. "The evacuees [from New Orleans], most of them black and poor, spoke of violence, anarchy and family members who died for lack of food, water and medical care." Many have no homes, assets, or jobs to which to return. Property damage is immense.

Within a week, the finger pointing began. Many media commentators place much of the blame on the Federal government's lack of planning for such a event, and their sluggishness in responding to the disaster. According to the Washington Post: "Bush administration officials blamed state and local authorities for what leaders at all levels have called a failure of the country's emergency management."

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