Saturday, 2 December 2006

Pastor accused of killing man, 85, for his millions,4139,118550,00.html
Electric New Paper (2 Dec 06)

A FORMER pastor in California has been arrested on suspicion of killing an 85-year-old man in a scheme to inherit his trust fund.

Doug Porter, 55, was detained at a checkpoint near San Diego on Monday as he tried to re-enter the US from Mexico. He was charged with attempted murder, elder abuse and theft.

Porter was the pastor at Hickman Community Church - located about 24km east of Modesto - when he met and befriended Mr Frank Craig.

Mr Craig had up to US$4 million ($6.2m) in stocks and real estate left to him after a brother, Mr JC Craig, died in in 1998.

The elderly man asked Porter to help him build an agriculture-themed museum to showcase farm equipment he had acquired over the years.

The Modesto Bee, a local newspaper, reported that Porter agreed and soon gained control of Mr Craig's finances.

In 1999, Mr Craig made changes to his trust fund. He excluded his two sisters and replaced them with Porter as the trustee and Hickman Community Church as the new heir.

The paper added that Porter set up a board to build the museum but Mr Craig soon became frustrated about the lack of progress.

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