Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Exorcism suit against Novena Church starts on Wed

Madam Valli, 51, part-time tutor, a former national athlete, is seeking compensation for an alleged exorcism she claims was forced on her at Novena Church on Aug 10, 2004.

She is suing the Redemptorist Order which runs the church, two priests and six church-goers who allegedly helped in the ritual.

Court dismisses Novena Church exorcism case (S Ramesh, CNA, 13 Feb 2009)

Churchgoer admits threatening Amutha in exorcism trial (Lynda Hong, CNA, 10 Jul 2008)

Novena priest says no exorcism has been performed in S'pore (Lynda Hong, CNA, 02 Jul 2008)

Forced exorcism case adjourned till next year (Selina Lum and Jermyn Chow, ST, 23 Nov 2007)

Woman possessed by spirit of dead soldier from Nee Soon camp (ST, 25 Oct 2007)

Priests' account of the "prayer" session (Selena Lum & Carolyn Quek, 24 Oct 2007)

Woman in exorcism suit hid long psychiatric history: defence lawyers (Straits Times, 24 Oct 2007)

Woman in exorcism suit was 'slithering like snake, screaming like Satan' (Jermyn Chow, Straits Times, 24 Oct 2007)

Exorcism suit against Novena Church starts on Wed (K. C. Vijayan, Straits Times, 23 Oct 2007)

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At Sat Jun 28, 08:34:00 pm 2008 , Blogger vincent said...

she is a disgrace . why she acting like this ? the judge should put her and her away in jail for a very long time. maybe then they will come to their senses.


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