Saturday, 17 November 2007

"You are Special" Children's Musical - based on Max Lucado's books

This heart-warming tale from Max Lucado’s classic bestseller storybooks transports you to Wemmicksville, the nicest town of all - crammed with quirky, eccentric and loveable characters. We join accident-prone Punch as he tries to solve some of the mysteries of life whilst trying to avoid one catastrophe after another. On the way, he makes a few surprising discoveries, meets some faithful friends, and makes one or two disastrous mistakes! It raises questions all of us have to answer sooner or later - Who am I? and Why am I Special?
Date: 7-18 Dec 2007 @ Drama Centre, National Library
Created & directed by: Brian Seward, Victory Family Centre

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At Sun Nov 25, 01:14:00 pm 2007 , Blogger Timothy P said...

Brought my pastor's sons and my stepbrother to watch this children's musical last Sat. I must say that it was really quite professionally done, they had a good cast, quality props, songs and music were great too. The content was really interesting, even for adults, think they pitch it at older children (9-12?).

Concept of sin and righteousness
Each character had a number of "gray spots" and "gold stars" on their clothing. They would earn one from others if they did something bad or something good. So the main character was full of gray spots, and everyone judged him, even himself. Not only until he met his Maker (the carpenter) did he understand that those spots were not what defined him or his worth, but that his Maker loved him and he was worthy in His eyes.

Concept of materialism
This was represented by "boxes" that people slaved to buy, just for the sake of carrying them around (no functional purpose). The whole village got caught up in competing to have the bigger, more colorful box, just to show that they were important. 2 characters taught of the idea and kept propogating that others had to keep buying/upgrading their boxes so as to be more important than their neighbours.


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