Friday, 29 February 2008

Chaldean Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq

by Sameer N. Yaoub
29 Feb 2008

Gunmen kidnapped a Chaldean Catholic archbishop Friday in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police and the church said, in another attack targeting Iraq's small Christian community.

The gunmen killed three people who were with Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho after he ended a Mass at a nearby church, said Iraqi Brig. Gen. Khalid Abdul Sattar, a spokesman for the Ninevah province police.

An aide to Iraq's Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, leader of the church, said he did not know who was behind the kidnapping of the 65-year-old archbishop.

"We pray for his release as soon as possible," said Archbishop Andreos Abouna. "This act of abduction against a Christian clergy member will increase our fears and worries about the situation of Christians in Iraq."

The Chaldean church is an Eastern-rite denomination that recognizes the authority of the pope and is aligned with Rome.

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Saturday, 23 February 2008


Why hold to a Pre-Mill View?
by Norman L. Geisler
2 Feb 2007
  • Unless Pre-Mill is true, God lost the battle in history
  • Unless Pre-Mill is true, history has no end
  • Only Pre-Mill employs a consistent hermeneutic
  • Pre-Mill adds urgency to evangelism
  • Pre-Mill imminency adds an incentive for holiness
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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Humble Orthodoxy

What is humble orthodoxy?

Humble orthodoxy is a commitment to believe, live, and represent biblical truth with humility.

We believe that God has revealed Himself in Scripture and that His revelation reaches its culmination in the Person and work of Christ on the cross. God’s truth in Scripture should not be redefined or reinvented. Our role is not redefine truth but to receive God’s truth.

We believe that the truth of the gospel transforms not only what we believe but how we live. Biblical truth doesn’t merely inform us, it introduces us to a person who changes us.

We believe that the gospel demands humility from those who represent it. We want to represent the truth not merely as those who are right, but as those who have been rescued.

Forget reinvention. Embrace a humble orthodoxy.

Visit the Humble Orthodoxy website for information and resources (links, audio clips, etc).

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Has God called you? Discerning the Call to Preach
by Albert Mohler
11 Feb 2008

Has God called you to ministry? Though all Christians are called to serve the cause of Christ, God calls certain persons to serve the Church as pastors and other ministers. Writing to young Timothy, the Apostle Paul confirmed that if a man aspires to be a pastor, "it is a fine work he aspires to do." [I Timothy 3:1, NASB] Likewise, it is a high honor to be called of God into the ministry of the Church. How do you know if God is calling you?
  • Internal call
  • External call
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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Gospel - Definition and Discussion

The Gospel Coalition

Preamble (excerpt)

We are a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures. We have become deeply concerned about some movements within traditional evangelicalism that seem to be diminishing the church’s life and leading us away from our historic beliefs and practices. On the one hand, we are troubled by the idolatry of personal consumerism and the politicization of faith; on the other hand, we are distressed by the unchallenged acceptance of theological and moral relativism. These movements have led to the easy abandonment of both biblical truth and the transformed living mandated by our historic faith. We not only hear of these influences, we see their effects. We have committed ourselves to invigorating churches with new hope and compelling joy based on the promises received by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

We believe that in many evangelical churches a deep and broad consensus exists regarding the truths of the gospel. Yet we often see the celebration of our union with Christ replaced by the age-old attractions of power and affluence, or by monastic retreats into ritual, liturgy, and sacrament. What replaces the gospel will never promote a mission-hearted faith anchored in enduring truth working itself out in unashamed discipleship eager to stand the tests of kingdom-calling and sacrifice. We desire to advance along the King’s highway, always aiming to provide gospel advocacy, encouragement, and education so that current- and next-generation church leaders are better equipped to fuel their ministries with principles and practices that glorify the Savior and do good to those for whom he shed his life’s blood.

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Theological Vision for Ministry (summary)

1. How should we respond to the cultural crisis of truth? (epistemological)
  • We affirm that truth is correspondence to reality
  • We affirm that truth is conveyed by Scripture
  • We affirm that truth is correspondence of life to God
2. How should we read the Bible? (hermeneutical)
  • Reading "along" the whole Bible
  • Reading "across" the whole Bible
3. How should we relate to the culture around us? (contextualization)
  • By being a counter-culture
  • For the common good
4. In what ways is the gospel unique?

5. What is gospel-centered ministry?
  • Empowered corporate worship
  • Evangelistic effectiveness
  • Counter-cultural community
  • Integration of faith and work
  • The doing of justice and mercy
See also
The Gospel Coalition - Confessional Statement
Tethered to the Center - Collin Hansen, CT (17 Oct 2007)

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