Saturday, 15 March 2008

Church Reform when you're not the pastor
Church Reform When You're Not the Pastor: A Series
by Greg Gilbert, 9Marks
9 Jul 2008 (updated 8 Sep 08)

1. Reform is easier in a small church than in a large one.

2. Do what Christians do --- love.

3. Make yourself a help, not a problem, to your church's leaders.

4. Aspire to leadership.

5. Have conversations with people --- lots of them.

6. Train other leaders. Aim for majorities.

7. Show up to the meeting with a completed idea. Then let go of it.

8. Decide what's crucial. Be willing to compromise on the rest.

9. Talk alot with those most opposed. Make a good-faith effort to alleviate their concerns.

10. Don't insist on unanimity.

11. Be very careful with supermajorities. Know what they're for.

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