Thursday, 11 September 2008

Kent Hughes: Toward a Definition of Biblical Exposition

Dr. Kent Hughes kicked off the Spurgeon Fellowship 2008-9 @ Western Seminary today on "A Prolegomenon to Biblical Exposition". Here's a good summary of his attempts to define Biblical Exposition by Ps Cal Habig. Check out other entries for summaries on his entire session.

The preacher has done his work when... (things to work out, understand, interpret, etc)
  • Theme of book
  • Text in context
  • Text's application in historical setting, whole of Scripture
  • Revelation of Jesus Christ, inter-canonical connections
  • Trip "from Jerusalem to Singapore" (your city's name), present relevance
  • Theme of text, "Big Idea"
  • Outline using literary structure of text
  • Stories, illustrations that really illuminate
  • Language that communicates in today's culture
  • Submit self to text, desire truth active in own life
  • Full dependence upon Holy Spirit
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See also entries on "Exposition"

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