Friday, 20 March 2009

Dr James Hudson Taylor III home-calling

Dr James Hudson Taylor III home-calling - an official announcement from OMF International

Dear Church Pastors & Leaders and Missions Leaders,

It is with much sadness that we announce to you that Rev Dr James Hudson Taylor III had passed on to be with the Lord this morning, 20 March 2009. Yet we wish to celebrate his life which exemplifies the love of God and reflects the heart of God.

Attached is a condensed press release on the home calling of our beloved brother, mentor and leader, the late Rev Dr James Hudson Taylor III.

There will be a memorial service in Hong Kong on the 4 April 2009. We will be announcing a memorial service in Singapore in the next few days and an invitation will be sent out accordingly. More information will also be posted in the next few days on our International website: and our Singapore website:

Thank you for keeping the Taylor family and our Fellowship members in prayer.

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At Sat Apr 04, 09:14:00 am 2009 , Blogger Timothy P said...

I had the rare privilege of hearing Dr Taylor in person twice in the same week some years back, when he was in Singapore for a series of talks. One was a missions seminar at Kum Yan Methodist, and the other was a China update @ OMF. Inspiring, down-to-earth, and if you look really closely, he honestly looks Asian (btw, his Mandarin and Cantonese is top-notch).

I went up to thank him after the China update, and he took one look at me, asked me what I was doing, and almost immediately handed me a MSI Youth brochure, to consider doing youthwork in East Asia. What a passion and focus on reaching the lost for the Lord!


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