Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The giant story
by Mark Galli (CT, 22 Apr 2009)

Mark Galli interviews Rob Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, on his new book, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.

Bell's response when asked how he would present the gospel on Twitter:
I would say that history is headed somewhere. The thousands of little ways in which you are tempted to believe that hope might actually be a legitimate response to the insanity of the world actually can be trusted. And the Christian story is that a tomb is empty, and a movement has actually begun that has been present in a sense all along in creation. And all those times when your cynicism was at odds with an impulse within you that said that this little thing might be about something bigger—those tiny little slivers may in fact be connected to something really, really big.
Is this really the gospel? What do you think?

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