Saturday, 2 May 2009

AWARE saga

Full coverage of the AWARE saga at

Straits Times face conservative backlash against its AWARE coverage (17 May 09)
Observers welcome government's restraint in AWARE matter (16 May 09)
Gay agenda 'unfounded', says AWARE (16 May 09)
Media coverage 'not sufficiently balanced' at times (15 May 09)
Rejected ST letter: A mother of two criticizes the rowdy behaviour at AWARE's EOGM (Sgpolitics, 07 May 09)
Josie Lau's exco resigned "for the sake of AWARE" (03 May 09)
New Exco of AWARE given vote of no confidence (02 May 09)

Related articles:
MOE tightens control on sex education delivered by external agencies (21 May 09)
Homosexual groups, pro-family groups call for tolerance on gay issue (16 May 09)
Government's position on homosexuality unchanged 14 May 09)
MOE suspends sexuality education programmes by external vendors (06 May 09)
Pastor apologises for misusing pulpit (02 May 09)
DPM Wong welcomes umbrella Christian body's stand on AWARE sage (01 May 09)
MOE investigates complaints over AWARE's sex ed programme (01 May 09)

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