Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Discipleship and evangelism belong together
by Paul Mulholland (VisionNetwork, 20 May 2009)

An excellent article on the need for discipleship and evangelism to go hand in hand in the church. He interacts with Bill Hull's Disciple Making Pastor, and gives a summary table of the process of discipleship and development of faith from newborn to child/adolescent to adult stage. He also gives references to useful books on discipleship in the church.

Too often in our churches we compartmentalize evangelism and discipleship as two separate components. Jesus didn't, the great commission placed them together. When we look at Jesus as the master disciplemaker, one followed the other in a tight knit community. Therefore at any time when we are considering evangelism we need to be thinking of discipleship also. The more I specialize in this area, the less I realize I understand. There is no one set formula for making disciples. No one programme, method or curriculum is right for all people. Any set of pre-prescribed hoops for the growing believer to jump through is an over-simplification. Discipleship is not methods, it is principles, it is not curriculum, it is people. However, Discipleship does not just happen, we are commanded to “make” disciples. Not only that, expanding on 2 Tim 2:2, we are to teach, train and envision others who will be able to teach others also. So where do we begin ?
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