Friday, 28 August 2009

Five features of theological rootlessness

Knowing God - Theology made relevant in Discipleship today
IDMC 2009 @ Covenant EFC

Session 4 - Five Features of Theological Rootlessness

- a superficial faith without a deep theological foundation

A. The de-doctrinization of Christianity
- anti-intellectualism: doctrine as a dirty word (disappearance of evangelical theology)
- the marginalization of theological education (theological competence, not credentials)

B. Zeal without knowledge
- the rise of biblical illiteracy
- biblical exhortation vs. biblical exposition
- an inherent weakness in Bible study groups

C. The secularization of spirituality
- the seduction of Christian animism and superstition
- the subversion of postmodernity (fideism, nihilism)

D. The presumptuousness of faith
- the problem is not with an experiential faith but with a presumptuous faith!
- four types of faith (God can; God will; God must; "God, you are" faith)

E. The compromise of worldview
- the rise of religious pluralism (ontological vs. philosophical pluralism)
- the atrophy of biblical discipleship

- the intellectual contours of faith - why bother?

We cannot understand the good news if we do not understand the bad news. - Francis Schaeffer
In the contemporary revelation of ideas, what engages the Christian mind is no longer "what's true" but rather "what works".
Faith is not a leap in the dark; faith is a walk in the light!
The health of the soul is dependent on the nobility of the mind.
What one generation neglects, the next generation rejects.
The genesis or engine of transformation is not social activism, but the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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