Friday, 28 August 2009

The Theocentricity of the Scriptures

Knowing God - Theology made relevant in Discipleship today
IDMC 2009 @ Covenant EFC

Session 3 - The Theocentricity of the Scriptures

- the centrality of the Word of God in Discipleship (Lk 24)
- the fallacy of an anthropocentric orientation

A. The Theological Premise
- The central theme of the Scriptures is ... (covenant, ref. W.Kaiser)
E.g. Why did Jesus come from heaven to earth? (for the glory of God)
- The Scriptures were written with a theological premise
E.g The theology of the Pentateuch

B. The Theocentricity of the Scriptures (from a man-centred approach to a God-centered approach)
E.g. the theology of Isaiah 40:31 (trustworthy, everlasting God)
E.g. the theology of Psalm 1 (approval of God, judgment day)

C. Seeing the God-picture (3 spectacles to see with)
- the story and the surprise
- the speech and the silence
- the symbol and the structure

- from the WORD of God to the GOD of the Word

The Bible is not a book of messages, but a book of meetings; not propositions, but an invitation to know Him.
The defining attribute of God is holiness (Isa 6; Deut 6:4-6).
The approval of God is of ultimate importance in life.
Obedience is the greatest expression of stewardship.

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