Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Thinktime @ Dome, Dempsey

This is the 3rd time I've come back to my new-found hangout for thinktime*, and the first time armed with my journal, a book to read and my trusty laptop for live-blogging via free wi-fi. It's a cosy little nook called Dempsey Hill, tucked away opposite Botanic Gardens, behind St. George's Church @ Minden Rd. There are a wide assortment of quaint, gourmet and signature shops, ranging from furniture to art to groceries to restaurants. The one I frequent is Dome, where you can have a choice of set lunches/dinners, salad, cakes, pastries, ice blends, or just a cup of tea/coffee. And of course, free wi-fi! Had myself a pot of Earl Grey tea, and spent the afternoon catching up on my reading and some light blogging. It also helps that I'm on leave these 2 weeks, as I'm forcing myself to clear my annual leave (almost 3 weeks worth left!).

*Thinktime = extended, uninterrupted time to think, reflect and journal critically and strategically.

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