Monday, 12 October 2009

Today's pastors need encouragement
by Blogpastor (12 Oct 2009)

A timely reminder by Blogpastor on the much needed practice of encouragement, especially to our pastors and leaders in ministry.

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Posted this comment on his entry:

I agree with you whole-heartedly, and yet this is generally so lacking in local churches. I like the reasons by Mike Griffin, it’s so true of the perspectives and mindsets of the average lay church member.

The challenge is, what if the pastor really requires or hopes for encouragement, how does he communicate this with his congregation, without coming across as demanding, finger-pointing, or holier-than-thou?

One approach I take is to lead by example, namely being to my leaders the encourager, the pray-er (person who prays for them), the affirmer, the champion (singing their praises and making them look good to others, especially when they’ve served well), the advocate, the sounding board, the emergency button, the non-judgmental, the friend, etc. As more and more of this saturates our ministry, I see it becoming more mutual, as in them also taking the initiative to pray for and ask how they can pray for me, and also see the necessity and blessing of encouraging me as their pastor. Such a joy!

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