Thursday, 31 December 2009

Youth EE (Evangelism Equipping)

We ended the year conducting a Youth EE training course for 11 participants, of which 9 of them graduated, including 5 youths and 4 leaders. It was a rigorous 4-day course which included 3 OJTs (On-the-Job Training where 1 trainee paired with 1 trainer to do street evangelism using EE), mid-term and final written tests and an oral examination where they were tested on the 90-point EE gospel presentation, which they had to score at least 70% to pass the course.

I was personally really encouraged, firstly with our dedicated and passionated main trainers, Adeline and Vera, who took time and effort to conduct most of the 4-day training sessions. Others came to conduct some sessions, including our senior pastor, myself and 1 more leader. Still another 4 others came to help with the OJTs. The trainees got to share the entire gospel with 35 youths over 3 afternoons, and 5 of them prayed to receive Christ! They were really blessed and encouraged, and finished the course with a renewed sense of passion and conviction to win souls, after being equipped to share the gospel comprehensively and clearly.

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