Monday, 18 January 2010

Ps 45

Psalm 45

- a royal wedding/romance (Solomon & his bride)
- divine romance between King/Messiah & us
- love relationship, not just exposition, but invitation to enter that love relationship
- God wants us to make Him the sole agenda
- no higher purpose in life than to walk in intimacy with our God

A. You are My bride - forget the past/anything/everything else (v.10)
- v.9a all the women of the land
- v.9b focus on the bride, you are special, I treasure/love you (Isa 62:4)
- v.2-9 king returns from all his victories, nothing else matters
- greatest barrier to our relationship with God not enemies, but gifts/blessings/pleasures
- nothing we can give which is not already God's e.g. fruits/multitudes
- only thing we can give to Him = our love & devotion

B. You are My beloved - seek My presence (v.11)
- greatly desired, delights in your beauty
- Heb 12:2 for the joy set before Him endured the cross
- not lack of time, but lack of hunger

C. You are the bearers of My praise - bring My praise to the nations (v.16,17)
- never allow our successes/failures erode our love for God
- without spiritual intimacy, no spiritual pregnancy
- not desire to do more for God, but walk closer to Him

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