Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jn 1:35-51 - Becoming an inviting church

John 1:35-51
Becoming an inviting church

- ref Tom S. Rayner, Billy Graham School of Mission
- 80% would come if invited / 21% invite others to go church
- 88% come back because of doctrine/teaching / 49% because of friendliness

How to be an inviting church?

A. Point people to Jesus (v.35)
- e.g. John the Baptist, not Christ (v.20), not worthy to untie sandals (v.27)
- 2 declarations, v.29, 36
- from v.37 onwards, shift from John's to Jesus' ministry
- 3:30, "He must increase, I must decrease"
- word "follow" = discipleship (willingness to forsake everything, full surrender)
- v.38 "What are you seeking?" (OT prophecy of Messiah)
- What is our motivation? power, glory, fame, satisfaction?
- He is ultimate answer to the genuine seeker (genuine, lasting satisfaction)
- people try to find fulfillment in temporal/unhealthy/sinful things
- v.39 "come and you will see"
- call to relationship/discipleship, eyes open to truths of God, process of transformation

B. Bring people to Jesus (v.42)
- share good news with others e.g. Andrew to his brother Simon Peter (v.40-42)
- not the only time e.g. feeding of 5,000 (6:8,9) and Greeks (12:22)
- bring people to Jesus, not power to convert (consistently faithful)
- v.42 Jesus saw Simon as a solid rock (Cephas/Peter)
- Jesus sees us for our potential in the future

C. Invite people to come and see (v.46)
- Philip invited Nathanael (v.45-46)
- prejudiced issues, yet Philip did not give up, but responded to skeptic friend
- v.46 "come and see"
- 4:42 not what you said that we believe, but we heard for ourselves, and we know that this is the Saviour

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