Friday, 17 June 2011

New website & blog launched! (updated)

Update (19 Aug 2014)
The free web hosting provider I was using recently just suspended my account for over-usage, so I have decided to migrate back to Apologies all for the disruption. Visit us at Skillful Shepherds Blog.
After a month of researching and upgrading my knowledge and use of open source software such as WordPress and Joomla!, and hunting for the best deal and platform for domains and web hosting, I'm pleased to announce that I've effectively migrated this blog to You can find all my old posts intact there. Thank you so much for your support, readership, and partnership in the gospel and Christian ministry. Looking forward to more interactions and dialogue, web partnerships and friendships formed and forged. To God be the glory!


At Sat Jul 14, 03:11:00 pm 2012 , Blogger Lori Lovelady said...

I have been praying as to whether or not I should email this request to you or not. Since I’m not sure if it would be something you would feel God would want you to post, I will leave it in your hands and trust that God will get it into the hands of those in need.
I have had many ministries…from the homeless to missionary work to serving in the church, but it wasn’t until I lost the very heartbeat of my soul…my precious son, Nathanael, that God changed gears for me and put me in a club that no one wants to join… a mother whose child dies before her. Nathanael was only 26 when he died suddenly in a car accident. I can’t tell you the paralyzing grief that gripped me these last three years as the unimaginable has indeed happened. But as God would have it, Nathanael’s only child… his baby girl, who he was looking forward to holding in his arms… was born three months after his tragic accident. It not only left my young granddaughter without her daddy, but without the answer to her persistent question, “Where is my daddy?” As I was coming out of my grief-stricken coma, I felt the need to at least TRY to answer my granddaughter’s question. As I struggled and prayed for just the right way to go about it, I felt God blessed me with this gentle story that I put in a book form called, "Nattie's Daddy". It has helped my granddaughter and many others as it eventually spread throughout my community, helping the adults involved as well. If you would like to check it out first to make sure it would be something pleasing to the Lord, please feel free to view it on my website. There are so many children who lose their grandparents or pets and tragically, even their parents and have no spiritual support. This book is to bring hope to their little hearts and to comfort them in knowing that their loved one’s soul lives on and is happy in Heaven with God and the angels. God gave me the analogy of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly as he flies into the heavens to make that correlation. If you like “Nattie’s Daddy” and feel it could be a blessing to children of your readers, I would be so honored if you added it to any books you already recommend or anything God puts on your heart to do.
Thank you so much and Lord bless you and keep you in this great blog ministry of yours.

Lori Lovelady


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